Mood disorders

Mood disorders are the most common mental illnesses among adults. They cause a significant impediment to one´s ability to function socially, at work or in any aspect of life.

Scientists believe they are caused by an imbalance of chemicals within the brain and environmental influences.Image

Among the most common mood disorders are:

Depression: people lose interest in their normal activities. They feel sad, they experience change in appetite, disturbed sleep and thoughts of death.

Bipolar disorder: is characterized by extreme mood swings, interspersed with periods of normal behavior. An individual with this illness alternates between states of deep depression and extreme elation.

Seasonal affective disorder: (SAD) the symptoms are similar to those of major depression, but they occur during late autumn, winter and early spring when the hours of sunlight are few. Treatments include exposure to as much sunlight with light therapy using a full- spectrum light box, and medication.

Cyclothymia: the patient experiences short periods of emotional highs and lows interspersed with periods during which his moods are stable.

Postpartum depression: occurs in women who have recently given birth. It can interfere with a mother´s ability to bond with her infant.Image

Usually disappears spontaneously by the time the baby is two.



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